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4.0'' Stocking Machine Requires Compliance With Such A Code In Its Use
Jul 12, 2018

4.0'' Stocking Machine  to be in the process of practical application can fully play the proper use of the effect, and can better guarantee the safety of operators and then in the process of its use must follow some rules, the use of this to want to use. The following is a detailed introduction to the 4.0'' Stocking Machine 's code of practice:

Order person, machine and voucher operation. Actually in the process of equipment used, whether it is 4.0'' Stocking Machine , or other types of machinery and equipment, in the process of their use need to comply with the person, machine and operation system of credentials, so that can better ensure the normal operation, prevent damage of equipment abnormal, to improve the safety of the use of employees.

Succession system. We also know that in 4.0'' Stocking Machine  in the process of continuous production, it is not allowed to stop, so in the process of its use can apply the system of succession, so we can better ensure that employees the effects and safety of operation, it is important to note succession people must take the problems in the equipment operation, actively inform the succession personnel, and the detailed record.

In summary, as long as the 4.0'' Stocking Machine  is in use in accordance with the above mentioned principles, its safety in use is guaranteed.