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What can be considered when changing the style of the sock turn machine
Jul 12, 2018

Sock turn machine is to make the socks on equipment and on the weaving efficiency of fast, making socks and assurance of efficiency, is approve by the users, the change on the equipment in the product style, consider what?

1. Pattern selection

sock turn machine exists in the use of the color of the material is different, the socks on the pattern and style are different, need to pay attention to when using the equipment, in making the choice of material, need to pay attention to the thickness, length, and the combination of color, high quality guarantee in display design.

2. Thickness requirements

For sock turn machine in the different size, can the textile socks exist obvious difference on the thickness, in the process of production, the need to consider the sales location and time of socks, guarantee the socks on the thickness of meet the requirements of wore on, pay attention to the warranty on the thread thickness.

3. Performance requirements

Socks on the wearing of softness, anti-static, good moisture absorption function, will increase in sales, in addition to consider socks are different in style, in the use of sock turn machine, also need to pay attention to in material performance considerations, socks on the comfort that meet needs, ensure to use.

In conclusion, the changes in product styles of hosiery knitters need to be paid attention to in the process of use, so as to ensure the high quality of socks in performance and satisfy the sales.