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These measures are required after the end of the sock sewing mahine
Jul 12, 2018

sock sewing mahine as socks textile equipment, for the socks on the production cost is reduced, socks varieties on the rich has a very important role, for the equipment after use, need to pay attention to matters, to introduce here.

1. Pay attention to cleaning

sock sewing mahine in the process of use will be in contact with a lot of silk, there may be some wool cloth with soft nap on the silk thread, especially wool yarn, in use process, will lead to the device in the presence of large amounts of wool cloth with soft nap, need to pay attention to clean up on the preparation, reduce equipment wear and tear.

2. Material recovery

sock sewing mahine is usually set production will stop after a certain number of socks, socks production half will not exist, but may be the condition of the remaining part of the material, need to pay attention to recycling of these materials, especially the model, ensure the safety of materials on the placement.

3. Data reprocessing

sock sewing mahine socks print using the template will sample data into a computer, as a result, in the device after use, need to pay attention on the data of the weighing system, guarantee the data to zero, to the next socks textile prepared, need to ensure efficiency.

To sum up, the hosiery knitter needs to pay attention to these after the end of use, so as to ensure the smooth operation of the equipment, which is very necessary to ensure the use effect of the sock sewing mahine.