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The sock sewing mahine needs to pay attention to the preparation in the use environment
Jul 12, 2018

sock sewing mahine in the production of socks on the efficiency of high efficiency, manufacturers are often on a large scale of purchase, for the use of batch, in order to guarantee the equipment on the use effect of consistent, requirement for the equipment on the use of the environment, which need to pay attention to?

1. Pay attention to the ventilation effect

sock sewing mahine is in use process, will get a lot of plush, the plush random floating in the air, may cause some interference to the health of the operator, the need to pay attention to in using the environment on the ventilation, to reduce the wool cloth with soft nap in the air has a very important role.

Be prepared to clean up

Wool cloth with soft nap is reduced, even if the air sock sewing mahine in the process of using or will be in contact with a lot of silk, the strands of wool cloth with soft nap may also enter the device, the warranty on the cleaning is very necessary, need to regular cleaning of the equipment, reduce the amount of pollution by plush inside.

3. Pay attention to the installation location

In order to guarantee the sock sewing mahine on operation convenience, and timely solve the problems of the equipment, guarantee the note on the equipment during the installation, the equipment and equipment between channels, facilitate the operator for the equipment maintenance, for a production environment of ventilation also has a certain effect.

To sum up, the problems in the operating environment of the sock sewing mahine loom need to be paid attention to, so as to ensure the excellence of the equipment in the operating environment and meet the requirements of the effect.