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How to ensure the stability of the 5.0''silk stocking machine in the use efficiency
Jul 12, 2018

With the increase of equipment on the use of time, often equipment can exist certain wear and tear, 5.0''silk stocking machine, in order to ensure that the extension of the equipment on the service life, on the efficiency of stability, which need to pay attention to?

1. Cleaning requirements

5.0''silk stocking machine is in use, to be exposed to a lot of silk, as is known to all, silk with other items, when there is friction between cause there is a certain degree of wool cloth with soft nap on silk, the stuffed into the equipment, to accumulate, can lead to equipment in use, need to pay attention to clean up.

2. Lubricating oil preparation

5.0''silk stocking machine like other textile equipment, in use process, will be thousands and thousands of repeated operations, therefore in the process of using the device, on the lubricating oil preparation is very necessary, need to pay attention to the choice in water-soluble lubricant, reducing the dirt on the socks.

3. Working environment

In order to reduce the 5.0''silk stocking machine smudgy exists in the production of socks, the socks to clean up, and on the cleaning requirements, usually is to use water to clean, not to the device and contains a lot of water environment are put together, could lead to the possibility of corrosion, and assurance of attention to the environment.

In conclusion, the stability of the hosiery loom in the use efficiency requires attention in the use, which plays a very important role in extending the service life of the 5.0''silk stocking machine.