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Attention should be paid to these in the process of the sock sewing mahine
Jul 12, 2018

sock sewing mahine is a kind of socks textile equipment controlled by computer. It has the same design as the computer embroidery machine.

1. Computer supervision

sock sewing mahine is to use a computer to supervise, in use process, there is a problem, the computer will control the equipment stop, until after the operator error, will start, new on the computer management and supervision to the operator attention, guarantee normal computer use.

2. Attention questions

If the computer in the process of supervision, sock sewing mahine found problems in the operation, for the serial number of the device or the name need to manufacturer for recording, correcting the wrong at the same time, the need to pay attention on the problem whether there is any problems on the equipment, for on the service life of the equipment guarantee is very necessary.

3. Control quantity

sock sewing mahine can produce every day the number of socks are under computer control, manufacturers in the operation of the device, need to pay attention to in the number of custom at the same time, pay attention to the requirements on the efficiency, guarantee the production of products to meet the requirements of the sales plan.

To sum up, the sock sewing mahine needs to pay attention to these in the process of textile, so as to ensure the smooth operation of the equipment and the excellent product quality.